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Fellow internet compatriots we call for your support.

The mexican goverment wants to shut our freedom down. We need your help and your support on this cause, and for this we just need you to do what you do best, participate on the global call, watch the video and understand that we need you, this a matter of supresion and real danger, not just about saving our freedom of speach and liberty of expression but imagine a world were even what is posted on internet is regulated by the goverment, imagine a massive murder like the killing of Tlatelolco and no one knowing about it until 50 years later, if something like that happened in this times, we would know in minutes, and thats what they want to avoid, they want to manipulate us completly and take control of absolutely everything until the point were all freedom is lost and democracy doesnt exist anymore. Mexico may be first, but soon it will be you, lets stop this now before it gets any further

Please spread the news and help the cause…

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